Why Do Not Disturb, Housekeeping & Doorbell service ?

Its a simple way for guest to communicate to staff from the comfort of their room. If the guest don’t want to be disturbed or need the room cleaned, they simply touch button.

The hotel can view the occupancy status of any room in your entire hotel and know if a guest is in the room or not before knocking. Maintenance can be managed more efficiently knowing remotely when a guest is not in the room.

Custom Hotel Signage
Our hotel signs are an elegant combination of design, innovation and technology. We are happy to supply our hotel signs according to a customized design in order to into the hotel present “feel and look”.

Standalone or Real-time
Our standalone system allow the guest control of a touch panel inside the room which is hardwired to a sign outside the room. The sign then indicates whichever command was selected on the touch panel.

In addition to the standalone system, we offer a real-time system which transmits the guest’s request via a wireless ZigBee signal to staff wherever they are in the building. Staff can see on either a main computer or mobile device which rooms need service the second it is requested.