Know if a guest is in the room !

Using a combination of a wireless motion sensor in the room and a contact sensor on the door, the zEMS Guest Presence system is able to accurately determine if a guest is in the room.

After the guest room door closes our motion sensor scans the room to detect if there is a guest inside. If the system detects a person in the room it sets the system to “Room Occupied”. The room occupancy status is re-evaluated every time the guest room door opens or closes. The occupancy information can be obtained by the staff or the hotels property Management System leaving the guests in undisturbed privacy.

Interface to door lock systems

The zEMS Guest Presence system have interface options for major door lock system suppliers in order to obtain information from guest room door activities.

Why zEMS Guest Presence

  • Knowing where your guests are during emergency situations.
  • Eliminates knocking on door down the hallway when some guests are still sleeping.
  • Hotel occupancy sensor helps guest stay undisturbed.
  • Occupancy sensor prevents uncomfortable an embarrassing situations between staff and guests.