When it comes to your property’s energy costs, unnecessary lighting, cooling and heating for hours can pose a significant drain on your bottom line

Energy management solutions that utilize self powered, wireless Zenros based technology allow hotels to monitor, manage and control a hotel’s energy consumption.

Today, energy is the second highest cost for the hospitality industry. Most of this cost is wasted keeping guestrooms A/C at full speed, even though the guest is not in the room for most of the day.

An intelligent Zenros solution will allow you to increase the efficiency of your A/C system and therefore dramatically reduce your energy bill and improve your bottom line.

Taking control of, and optimizing operational systems, can result in energy savings of more than 20%.

In addition to the energy savings through wireless technology, Zenros enabled solutions, don’t require extensive renovations, in fact a zEMS basic solution can be installed in about the same time it takes to clean a hotel room.

Wireless energy management solutions are both flexible and scalable and can be implemented as either stand-alone, in room applications or as a complete turnkey solution that utilizes a robust and secure software platform.