About Us

Since revolutionizing the hospitality industry in 1985 as the pioneer with Interactive Television System, the team behind  Zenros has continued to lead the market by continuously  introducing new innovations to the industry.

The creators of Zenros have between them a hundred man years of experience in research, development, distribution and servicing of technologies that have been adopted by the hospitality industry worldwide.

The team has now turned its attention to developing smart technologies to measure, control and reduce energy consumption in a cost effective way. For “Cost effective” read “quick return on investment”.

Zenros is fully dedicated towards providing guest room energy management systems to the hospitality industry or facilities where people sleep away from home.


Increasing energy demand, global climate change and constrained energy supplies are likely to impact the financial performance of the hospitality industry. Zenros is positioning itself as trusted partner and advisor to the industry to bring together technologies and financial options that meet the industries current and future needs. We will achieve this by using existing technologies in a clever way, and developing new technology that meets the need.

Ultimately, the objective is lower cost and management information on the one hand, and guest comfort and hotelier control on the other.