Automation Devices

Wireless Thermostat – Stainless/White/Black

Wireless Std. thermostat

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensor

Motion Detector adds both security and advanced guest room automation features to the connected guest room. The system can be notified when there’s movement in a certain area and even trigger lighting scenes, HVAC settings, and security alarms based on the detection of motion.

Door-/Window Sensors

Door & Window Sensor

Endless uses for safety and security.

By detecting the opening and closing of doors and windows, the Door & Window Sensor can wireless notify the system of guest room arrivals and departures. The Door & Window Sensor consists of a base, mounted to the door or window frame and a magnet to be mounted to the door or window.

Temp-/humidity Sensors

Temp & Humidity Sensor

By detecting changes in guest room temperature and humidity, the Temperature & Humidity Sensor can add a whole range of climate control features to the connected guest room. By reporting these changes in climate to the system, your HVAC system can respond to your guests comfort level and help to reduce wasted energy.

Moisture Sensors

Wireless Water Sensors

A small appliance that can protect your guest room from expensive floods.

Protect your guest room from expensive leaks and floods by installing a Water Leak Sensor in the bathroom underneath the sinks. The Water Leak Sensor is small, easy-to-use, and fits almost anywhere. Sit the sensor directly on the ground and it will notify you if it detects the presence of water.

Lamp Sensors

Lamp Module

Simple, low-cost lamp control

The Lamp Module introduces new functionality to existing guest room lighting systems. By placing the Lamp Module between an outlet and any lamp (up to 300W) in the guest room, you can instantly add advanced automation features. The Lamp Module can also set dimming levels for any dimmable light bulb.